Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pencil Fight 3

List to give to friends who don't read comics - stand alone works only - were not serialized first

Asterios Polyp
Fun Home
City of Glass
Marble Season
Storeyville (of course I'm gonna recommend myself)
New School
Bottomless Bellybutton
The Whale
The Blonde Woman (was serialized online - but was composed as a complete work)

Watchmen, Maus, Love and Rockets, Jimmy Corrigan, Dark Knight Returns, Batman Year One, Kings in Disguise, From Hell, It's a Good Life If You Don't Weaken, Ed The Happy Clown, David Boring, Like a Velvet Glove, Glorianna - most well known classics of North American comics were serialized or appeared as single issues in a continuing series. This makes it hard for the new reader to jump in if there are recurring characters - like Love and Rockets. I also think serialization changes the work - the planned story breaks - the issue breaks - the work is different if it is released all at once. I think it's very tough to come up with a list of "stand alone" comics to recommend to new readers.