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Cold Heat 7/8 is available now for purchase over at Picturebox.
48 color pages. Standard pamphlet comic book size. It's 20 bucks. I know, I know, it's expensive. But that's as low as we can go on it. We're basically breaking even on these editions. Truly for the die-hards who need their Cold Heat fix now.

Limited to 100 copies. Buy 'em now and sell 'em later on ebay with the rest of your junk when you really hit rock bottom. You never know, maybe Cold Heat is a good bet. A reliable source told me they saw the first issue of Cold Heat under glass in the "rare book" section of a fancy book store.

Also, we're putting the first six pages of issue 5 up for free online. The folks over at Arthur magazine had this preview up back when the double issue of 5/6 was released in the Spring. We're putting it on the Cold Heat site now for good measure. Copies of that double issue (5/6) are still available over at Picturebox.

Also check out the new Cold Heat poster by Jim Rugg.

SPX '09 line-up:

-Cold Heat 7/8 by BJ and me

-Cold Heat Special 6 by Chris Cornwell

-Cold Heat Special 7 by Michael DeForge

-MOME 16: includes two prequel stories by BJ, Jon V and me

Friday, September 4, 2009


New Cold Heat "prequel" episodes in MOME 16. Due to hit stores soon. There's a six page story by Ben Jones, Jon Vermilyea and myself. And there's also a two pager by just Ben and me.

Pictured above is Jon's awesome page one of the new MOME story. Below that is my layout based on Ben's script.

Check out this preview page here of the two pager by me and BJ. Scroll down once you click over, it's there somewhere.

New Cold Heat double issue, new Cold Heat Special, and new MOME. All available at SPX.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


[First and third solos, first song]
Listen to Coleman Hawkins' beautiful solo: primarily developed from melodic ideas, with very little exploration of harmony. Also, dominated by sixteenth notes (which, at a faster tempo, would be dotted eighth/sixteenth combos). Swing.

[Second solo, first song]
Listen to Bird: primarily harmonic exploration, using extended chords and chromaticism. 16th note melodic ideas punctuated by 32nd-note runs, skating over the groove instead of inside of it. Mostly based on the underlying chord structure with only a cursory nod to melody, yet still bluesy as all hell. Bop.

Second song entitled Celebrity and features Charlie "Bird" Parker.

[Above notes swiped from video poster's info in sidebar]