Thursday, April 1, 2010


MoCCA Festival news April 10th and 11th NYC

I will be set up at the 2010 MoCCA festival. Look for me at the Picturebox spot. I will have tons of comic book back issues for sale. I literally have a "Master's Box" now. Kirby, Mazzucchelli, Steranko, Brown (Chester), Barks, McCarthy, and, uh, Ditko! Plus other, lesser known masters like Ogden Whitney and Pat Morisi. I got what you're looking for! You need Slash Maraud? I got yer Slash Maraud! You needa da Cold Heat? I gotchooda Cold Heat! A new comic book costs at least 3 bux these days. I will have whole boxes of great stuff for 3 bux and under. Plus a "quarter box" - meaning each comic is only 25 cents! That's right, True Believers, you thought it couldn't happen in NYC but it's happening. Finally some good, cheap comics for sale in the Big Apple. I've sniffed out comics all over that burg, and I'm tellin' ya, no one's got better comics than Frankie D. That's me.

Frankie D. Wop (comics seller)

Oh, yah, and then I will get all serious and be on a panel with Dash Shaw and Bill K. We are going to talk about color and line and form and such in comics. Be there or be square. Saturday at 12:45pm.