Thursday, March 5, 2009


back cover on left, front cover on right.

Okay, here is my rambling post about the new COLD HEAT. It's the main series. We're releasing issues 5 and 6 together as one double issue. A 48 page standard comic book. It picks up right where issue 4 ended.

I'm referring to this as the "main series" and it says COLD HEAT: THE SERIES on the back cover. Just trying to differentiate the release of new issues of the main series from new issues of THE SPECIALS. The main series, if ya don't know, is Ben Jones and me, Frank Santoro. Four issues of a ten issue series have been published so far. Read them here for free. The COLD HEAT SPECIALS are usually written by me and drawn by a rotating cast of collaborators. Some of the SPECIALS are still available here.

OK, back to the main series. This is a big climax issue. We decided that after the long wait we would put the story arc that unfolds over issues 5 and 6 together. I think it reads extremely well as a double issue. It's a megablast of raw power and I'm proud of what Ben and I have crafted for you. We know it's been two years almost to the day since the last issue came out. Please forgive us. The complete collection will be out sometime but until then we are releasing the series as it was originally intended to be released: as serialized installments. We like how the issues, the page counts CONTAIN the story and want to retain that for the remainder of the series. It's a formal choice. We want to make comic books. Comic books are 24 pages usually. There's an inherent "pace" that we're playing with and in this double issue we really turn up the volume, quicken the pace and exploit the arc of the standard comic book. It's a thrilling ride. I promise: these issues live up to the hype. We killed it.

Buy it here now from Picturebox. What's that? You grumbling about the price? Sorry mate, there's nothing we can do about it. Printing comics is expensive and we're just trying to make back what we put out for it. No one's making any money off these things. Think of it this way, you're directly supporting the artists on this one, and helping future issues of Cold Heat see print. We got it printed at a comic book printer who does small runs. It's a regular "full color" comic book, with the the pink and blue spot colors made out of CYMK. The process is still the same. The pink and blue make the purple. This time it's on smooth paper, it feels like a mainstream comic. I like it. Ben likes it. You'll like it.

Also, I'm offering copies of the double issue with a really nice drawing (9 x 12) for 60 bucks. Anyone interested in getting one can email me: I've only got 10 drawings for sale, no more. They're nice. Drawn by me and the master Jim Rugg (we passed them back and forth) and "inked" with that magic touch by Mr. Rugg ...these drawings kick out the jams, motherfucker! I'm offering these to simply try and recoup the printing costs. If this edition of the double issue breaks even then we'll be able to print the next installment soon. So it's up to you True Believers. Help us get Cold Heat out there into the world.

SOLD! (motorcycle boots)

SOLD! rollerderbycastle

SOLD! (jumping sword / eyeball shirt)

Sold! (Good Castle/ Evil Castle)
SOLD! (shotgun and cowboy boots)